What is the Pre-Seed Microloan Fund?  It's a program that allows small disadvantaged businesses in underserved communities to borrow small amounts of money to start or run their small business.  Whether you are a home based business, an independent contractor or a business with an office or store front, the Pre-Seed Microloan Fund can currently give you financing up to $1,500.  Outside of that, we have some community partners that can assist if you need more money up to $50,000.    

What about the Mobile Small Business Technology Unit?

This unit is specifically designed to provide training in those hard to reach places within our service area.  Places that are rural without the necessary training programs available, can get the training and a possible loan.  Training that will be provided in the Tech Unit are Entrepreneurial Training (Women of Hope Microenterprise Outreach Program), Personal and Small Business Financial Literacy and Technology Training.  

Were is Our Service Area?

In South Carolina we serve these counties:

  • Richland

  • Lexington

  • Newberry

  • Aiken

  • Kershaw

  • Calhoun

  • Fairfield

  • Chester

We serve these area that are within the Midlands area of South Carolina.  There are more counties and we are adding on to our service area all of the time.

How Can We Get A Loan?

We offer entrepreneurial training through our Women of Hope Microenterprise Outreach Program, so that you have the training to go along with the loan.  Even though the loan is small, we are trying to position you to be able to obtain larger loans in order to make you business soar. The training and subsequent meetings will help teach the importance of making loan payments and making them on time.

Are There Any Eligibility Requirements?

Yes, there are:

  • Owners must be a U.S. Citizen or Permanent Legal Resident

  • The business must be located within the State of South Carolina

  • You must provide one year of Federal/State Tax Returns

  • You must be current on all Federal/State Income, Payroll and Revenue Taxes

  • There is no minimum credit score

  • Fixed rate term loan with a 8.75 - 10% interest rate

  • Term of loan up to 18 months, with no prepayment penalty

Required Documents

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